What to do before a trip to oversea?


It’s me again. Thank you for willing to wait for my updates from time to time. There are so many things going on lately, that’s why I could not update my blog so often.


So, in this post, I’ll share with you guys some travel tips that are simple and easy to look at. This tips are suitable to be implemented and applied by all levels of travelers including the beginners.

The tips are as followed:

1) Update your Visa and Passport

This is the most important tips that need to be prioritized by all travelers. For those who frequently travel abroad due to their work or holidays, it should not be a problem as they will for sure keep their visa and passport updated. It was advised by The State Department that you renew your passport not more than 9 months to avoid it from expire.


2) Get vaccinations

For some people, it will be unnecessary for them to get vaccinated before travelling abroad. If you are the type of person with this kind of mindset, I would like to advise you about getting one.

Are you willing to put your health on stake just because you feel that getting vaccines are inconvenience and only wasting your time?

Well, I hope you not. There are many diseases which are vary from one country to another, and some of it are only can be cured in that particular country only. To avoid unwanted disease from getting near to you and your loved ones, getting vaccinations could be the answer to your calling.


3) Keep yourself updated with Travel Warnings

How to do so?

It’s simple. You could google or go to your nearest medical institutions to seek advice or ask about current warnings that came out by a particular country.  Apart from medical institutions, you could go for Travel Company too.


4) Stock your cash

Pick one or two credit cards with you for your trip. It is advisable that you bring along your cash together. Call your issuer to avoid your card from being denied as they will find your withdrawing activity suspicious. Search for places that are available for you to change your money at the first place to avoid any problems afterwards.


5) Go for Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance are highly recommended whenever you are planning to travel abroad. this insurance will help you when you got yourself in accidents or unwanted harm. At least you got some money to back you up if you happened to bump into one, right?


6) Register your trip

You could register your trip online beforehand which really helpful in organizing your trip. By doing so, the trips could be a structured one and will be much easier. If you like to go for a travel company to guide you, feel free to give them a call and they will arrange everything for you. Now that’s what people are looking for when they wanted to go for a trip.


7) Pack your bag

Only bring along stuffs which are necessary and important. Do not bring along excessive jewelry as it will attract the thieves and got yourself into some dangerous crimes.Do some list beforehand to help you organize in packing your stuffs. Always remember, less is more.


There you have it. I have shared with you guys on some tips that you could use when you are planning to travel abroad.

If you want to know more or want to go in depth, you can click the video below:

[Source: Youtube (Youtuber: Mari Johnson)]

What am I going to share in my next post?

If you want to know, stay tuned for my next post, okay? That’s all for now.








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